Technological Slavery, Volume Two (TBD)

Theodore John Kaczynski

About Technological Slavery, Volume Two (TBD)

Logical, lucid, and direct, Technological Slavery is more than an expansion on the ideas set forth by Theodore Kaczynski in “Industrial Society and Its Future” (a.k.a. the “Manifesto”). It radically reinvigorates and reforms the intellectual foundations of an age-old and resurgent world-view: “Progress” is a myth. Wild nature and humanity (including human freedom, dignity, and autonomy) are fundamentally incompatible with technological growth. It argues why a revolution against modern technology—against the techno-industrial system in its entirety—is the only realistic way to save humanity and the biosphere from total disaster.

Conceived as a “miscellany,” this second volume contains material that was either not ready for publication in volume one, or was not considered as critical.  Nevertheless, the second volume contains many highly important and even groundbreaking pieces that make vital contributions to anti-technology thought.  From all new essays such as “Is There Such a Thing as Wilderness?” and “Principles of Organization and Leadership” to well-established previously published classics, such as “The Truth About Primitive Life” or “Morality and Revolution,” the second volume is a vital companion to the first for any serious thinker who wants to think deeply about the current world situation and how to take effective (revolutionary) action.

Publication date: TBD

Note: This title is currently in production.  Check back later for further updates.